Posted by Aaron Irons

Project Rundown

I had an old Commodore 64 laying around and i’ve always loved this machine, but it was quite inconvenient to start up and use these days, so with the advent of the Raspberry Pi I thought, “why not make it better?”

So I gutted the machine, leaving only the keyboard intact and using the Keyrah circuit board I was able to attach the old keyboard to a Raspberry PI 2 via a usb breakout line and use the original keyboard as my main keyboard for the new computer and installing the VICE Commodore 64 emulator I am able to run the original Commodore environment, or boot directly to the Raspbian Wheevy OS and have a fully functional linux computer.

In addition, I use this computer as a dedicated cloud media server, development/GIT repo, and local development server.  Welcome to the 21st century, Commodore 64!

Technology Used



Connecting the Commodore keyboard to the Kehrah Board


Connecting the Commodore keyboard to the Kehrah Board


Inside the machine: breakout extensions for USB, Audio, video, and ethernet


A closer look inside


The exterior breakout panel


All boxed up and ready to play!