Latest Projects

  • Portable Pandora Radio

    I found this old non-functional radio at a flea market and decide I would give it a little bit more… Read more »

  • Raspberry64

    We took and old Commodore 64 and turned it into a blazing fast linux computer running VICE Commodore OS emulator and functioning as a media server, local development server, and git repo using the original Commodore Keyboard for control.

  • HAVEN Smart Lock

    HAVEN is a smartlock technology that challenges traditional notions of how you secure your home and interact with the ecosystem inside. We were hired to make the prototype function and to develop a solid website, server configuration, and web store for HAVEN.

  • Custom Designed Replacement Parts

    In a world of throw away products, 3D printing has allowed us to waste less by replacing the inexpensive plastic… Read more »

  • 3D Scans & Busts

    With our Sense 3D scanner we can scan and print busts. ¬†The entire scanning process takes less than an hour… Read more »

  • 3D Scans and Masks

    With our 3D scanner we can scan your face and produce full size custom masks that are custom molded to… Read more »

  • 3D printed Gnome

    We offer custom designed 3D prints of anything you can imagine.

  • RFID Security System

    A custom RFID card access security system.

  • Magic Time Toy Prototypes

    3D designed and printed prototypes for Magic Time Toy Company. RC Boat Spin Shot launching pistol Under Water Microphones Light… Read more »

  • Cyleopts Custom Housing

    Custom housing and wiring for an early stage prototype Cell phone, tablet, Arduino, and proximity sensor housing Angry proximity sensor… Read more »

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